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Litho Printing

Litho print is the perfect solution for larger quantities of print, especially with clients who require full colour printing to convey their message in an effective way.

Litho print represents higher value for money over digital print when a larger quantity is required, our Speedmaster presses can run at 15000 impressions an hour… that’s 250 sheets a minute! The superior quality of our machines allows us to produce work of the very highest standard. Quality control at every stage of the production process is your assurance of complete satisfaction, ensuring that whatever your message it is powerfully delivered.

All our full colour litho printing is printed using stochastic screening. It means that traditional varying size dots are replaced with much smaller constant size dots randomly placed. The difference over ‘conventional’ screens is dramatic, with improvements in the quality of both pictures and fine text. Though the technology is not the same the difference is like comparing High Definition with Ordinary TV.

Unlike digital print that utilises a more specialist range of papers to produce the best results, Litho print can be applied to a much wider range of materials. This allows a much more varied choice for the finish of any project, from the weight of the paper to the texture of the surface or even metallic inks for the extra wow factor.

Why Choose T & P Print

Here at T & P Print we have expertise and experience spanning over 80 years, which makes us one of the most reliable printing services on the market. We are committed to quality print at affordable prices and always have been. Whatever your print needs our experts can help you produce the perfect product. Contact us today for more information.