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The Environment

T & P Print recognises the importance of environmental considerations and will take these into account at all stages of business planning, development, production and marketing whilst continuing to produce high quality products to our customers specification and satisfaction.

We also seek to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility in our entire staff. This is based on recognition of the need to contribute at local, regional, national and global levels to the sustainable use of natural resources and be cost effective wherever possible.

ln order to achieve these aims T & P Print is committed to minimising its impact on the environment by establishing a programme of continuous improvement, with particular emphasis on the following:

1. Ensuring that all legal requirements are met and where possible, exceeded
2. Using energy efficiently in its daily operations
3. Conservation of natural resources used in our manufacturing and dispatch operations, particularly in the use of packaging.
4. Minimisation of waste in production and packaging.
5. Minimising water use and hazardous effluent disposal
6. Reduction of solvents in the workplace and atmosphere
7. Reducing the generation of waste through waste minimisation techniques
8. Reusing or recycling wastes wherever possible
9. Provision of safe, clean and hygienic working conditions.
10. Reduction of noise levels to lowest levels practicable for employees and members of the public.
11. Safe storage and disposal of waste to meet “Duty of care” requirements.
12. implementing a Transport Environmental policy
13. implementing an environmentally aware purchasing policy
14. Establishing environmental and energy training programmes
15. The responsible development, operation and maintenance of plant and associated processes to reflect the principles above.

Wherever possible we use recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources. Reducing our carbon footprint is a priority and T & P Print make every effort to ensure our impact on the environment in as minimal as possible.